Be Still and Know


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    You are...

    Like the flower in bloom you are meant to bring beauty to the world and your love is the fragrance you leave.
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    Standing upon the rock of faith and trust, despite the ledges of fear and uncertainty I find my solitude I am One with God.
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    May you find something or someone to be grateful for today.
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    Isaiah 40:7

    All men are like grass and all their glory is like the flowers of the field.
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    Sometimes you have to walk to the edge and take a leap of Faith into the Unknown.
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    I Am

    Mother Ocean it is here beside you that I am reminded of my smallness and yet I Know I am an essential part of the Whole...simply because I Am.
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    Sometimes life is messy and hard, full of challenge and yet there is beauty in all of it. No matter...remember that you are Divine and you are beautiful.
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    Everything you need...

    is within you.
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    to what is possible for you and your life.
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    Look Within

    For therein lies a beacon of Light that leads you home to your Soul.
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    Always remember

    You are a miracle.
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    No man is

    an island. You are not alone. You are an essential part of the whole Universe.
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    Be present

    to this very moment. Feel where you are. Know that this moment will pass never to be again.
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    Do you see what I see?

    No matter the landscape I see beauty...everywhere I look God's glorious gifts are everywhere and I am forever grateful.
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    are wonderful, beautiful amazing and glorious!
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    The road is long so breathe, feel, and be all you are meant to be. Embrace the fullness of your life for every moment is a Gift.
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    are meant to color the world with magnificence.
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    May you rise

    to your highest self today and every day.
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    Be the beauty you want to see.
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    be with you. Peace begins with you and me.
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    Slow down

    Take a breath. Enjoy the moment.
  • Be still

    and Know
  • Arise

    to the glory of each day and give thanks.
  • May you journey

    through the seasons of Life with peace.
  • With every bend in the road

    may you find a new sense of wonder for Life.
  • Nature is a gift

    that brings beauty and healing to your Life.
  • Solitude

    and quiet is where I find the answers I seek.
  • The change

    of seasons from fall to winter...slow down, breathe and Be.
  • Autumn

    the season of letting go.
  • This moment

    right here, right now is Life's gift to you.

Kathleen S McPhillips
  • I loved the discussions led by Kathleen and left with more awareness of what my soul is telling me.


  • I loved the self reflection, sharing, listening to your teachings and soul reflection. I learned to accept myself as I am and happy at this stage of my life.


  • Kathleen McPhillips embodies the true meaning of yoga. She is a deep well of knowledge that only comes from sincere practice over a long period of time. Her teachings are simple, focused and profound. My own teaching moved to a whole new level after she showed me by example that it's not only ok, but vital, to teach fearlessly, from my heart. For that I am eternally grateful.


  • I want to let people know about the yoga teacher training I attended this fall with Kathleen. Let me start by saying I am not a yoga instructor, I am a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist. With that said; the class was nicely organized, very informative and easily understandable. As a student of yoga it was nice to further my insight into my own practice and be a part of conversation with so many accomplished instructors about their success and struggles while teaching others. As a therapist it was nice to get another lesson in the power of breath and the value of being present with another human being. If you are reading this I sincerely hope you take the opportunity to learn from the wealth of information and experience Kathleen has to offer you. Thank you for taking the time to read and be

    Tony C. LMT

  • Kathleen’s teacher training workshop was inspiring. She led us with authenticity from ritual to practical. She infused the session with the wisdom of her years of yoga service and her personal yoga journey.

    This gave the participants, of diverse experience and ability, permission to meet the practices from where they were in their own path of yoga. I have been able to infuse much of what she offered us in my personal practice and as I teach others. I look forward to more opportunities to work with her.

    In gratitude, J.F.

  • This has been a wonderful experience. Kathleen's spirit sets the tone of acceptance and safety. I love the listening exercise, "Everyday Grace", and the energy from the circle of women.


  • I enjoyed being with other women who have similar concerns about themselves. I was most inspired by the deep listening portion and that I have many things to look forward to and much to be grateful for. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and spirit with us. You always leave me inspired.


  • I enjoyed the burning ceremony and talking to my soul. I learned to accept where i am in life. The positive things Yoga can do and to honor this chapter of my journey.


  • I enjoyed the community of women, the common thinking and reason for being here. I am inspired by the realization that the answers and Knowing are within me. I'll take the writing exercises and the revelations to come from it into my life.


  • I enjoyed the women's circle, Kathleen, and knowing the women in the circle are not alone and there are others with the like minded spiritual base.


  • Taking the time for myself and listening to other women and appreciating every day.


  • I enjoyed the self exploration, listening and sharing activity. I am inspired by listening to information from Kathleen, from others and recognizing that others are where I am at. I will take this growth and self worth into my life, understanding I am not alone and others are there with em on this journey. Thank you so much for coming to us, our weekly yoga practices are wonderful but a retreat like this can be life-changing. I love the notes I take and the handouts as I have something to reflect upon when needed.


  • I really enjoyed being with like minded women, meditation and auto writing. I am inspired by Kathleen and the breath work. You are such an inspiration to me along with others. I am grateful for you in my life. Thank you.


  • I was touched by the depth and simplicity of the practices Kathleen offered. This was an opportunity to be immersed in attentive awareness, allowing participants to discovery a sense of inherent completeness despite their individual external stories.


  • I love the trust, the sharing, the midlife topic is great. Listening to others and that we all come from the same place. This is what I'll take with me: to love and be grateful for the life that has been given to me.Thank you Kathleen for coming back to the Adirondacks and sharing yourself and your teachings again.


  • I've been to many of Kathleen's retreats here in the Adirondacks where I live. Kathleen has inspired me through my own spiritual journey. She is my teacher, my mentor, my friend. I am truly blessed that she walked into my life. I believe we are all teachers and students. Many thanks for her knowledge that she passes along.


  • This retreat was life changing. I am inspired by the five stages of the soul and encouraged to continue my yoga practice and follow my path.


  • I am inspired to embrace this time of my life, to keep learning and listening deeply to others; being still, breathing and looking for answers within.


  • I love your retreats! There is something so powerful and inspiring to gather with a group of women all on the path to self discovery. Kathleen is a wonderful guide and moderator. Kathleen, you do have a light around you that shines very brightly, and it has a way of putting everyone at ease. I love the subject matter in your retreats. I think my "aha" moment was the realization that the pain we experience is a blessing, really. It has made us who we are....I'm really looking forward to the next retreat. Thank you for making the trip up here to share your gifts with us.


  • I am going to do what I am guided to do even when it doesn't appear to make sense and I loved listening to every story...I love "seeing" their glow brighten.


  • Kathleen's ability to create an instant community and midlife is an empowering time of life and to embrace it.


  • Attending Kathleen’s Retreat softens the heart and opens the mind to quiet reflection. Such a wonderful way to stop the clock and make space in our busy lives for gratitude and change to happen! Namaste


  • I enjoyed your honesty, your knowledge and the group "spirit" and was inspired by the end results of the writing and the listening and talking to your soul exercises. I will take with me mindfulness, breathing and being a better listener.


  • I enjoyed hearing your wisdom and others stories. What I'll take with me from this retreat is that our experiences both good and what we perceive to be bad all have a purpose.


  • The continued self awareness and listening to my soul.


  • Kathleen - thank you so much for teachings, practice and opportunity for community within The Purpose of Asana workshop on Sunday. In addition to the above, I loved the way that you communicate and teach with true Joy, and from the Heart. That's truly a gift. I look forward to your return to the Adirondacks in the future!


  • I enjoyed seeing women open up and accept themselves. I am inspired by every woman sharing her deepest thoughts and hopes and horrors. I'll take this with me: I am divine. I am a child of God.


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