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Kathleen is proof that it only takes a small light to brighten a huge room. Her love of life (along with her laughter) is infectious, and with only a few simple words she reminds you of your importance to yourself and to the world. ... More »
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Kathleen is currently leading retreats, offering yoga classes and participating in book signings. Please read below to see where you can catch her for special events and gatherings in 2010. Kathleen often travels upon request, so if you are inte ... More »
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Heeding the call of her soul at midlife, one woman retreats to the Adirondack Mountains for a year–a full four seasons to digest the events of her life and connect to her deepest and highest self. The overwhelming challenges and events of ... More »
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Your amazing love and positive response to my journey are the inspiration for this website—a means of staying connected. Each encounter, personal connection and life experience is a thread in the fabric of who we are, and together we creat ... More »